We found a Hacker

  • Hello, I want to say that I was in the Hacker’s team so I don’t complain about a player who plays just too well against me.
    During the game several opponents (and some allies) complained that this individual flew, teleported, moved very fast in levitation, did not suffer any blow and could not be blocked (stun).
    I observed it in cam several times, it is true I confirm.
    I took a screenshot of his nickname but I think you’ll get some witness videos.

    I would thank you to improve your security system and ban this trash.
    Your bonus for Epic exclusivity should at least be used for that don’t you think ?


  • @kakaopipi Congratulation you deserve a medal, because dev don’t care. Oh and by the way those buttons what was it written on it? oh yeah, “griefing”, “cheating”, and the most infamous “offensive language”. Well it’s just a remembrance that if you ever feel useless, there’s always be this in-game report system…ha

  • Global Moderator

    He might have been autodetected by EAC. I hear that those bans can sometimes take a while.

    Otherwise, if you see someone hacking on server browser servers, then you can aska mod on Discord though Modmail to come join, and we’ll take care of it if anyone’s available.

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