2 Months 1 patch and nothing changes. Still text overlap, wrong class description, cant save options e.t.c Its a shame.

  • I mean look i dont expect the same from Torn Banner like i expect from big tripple a companies like Ubisoft, Bethesda e.t.c because i know they dont have 1000 of employes its more around 50 so its okay when things sometimes dont work how they should or things get delayed. But this dont mean you have a green card.

    So 2 months after the game comes out there are still things who dont get fixed and most of them are really small things and i cant understand how this is still not fixed, this is unacceptable for me.

    If i want buy something the price is still overlapping with the text so you cant really tell sometimes how mutch something cost.

    If you choose a class ingame… every class have the same health, stanima e.t.c in the description and the health who is shown is 68 yes 68 whatever ;) This is since beta and i dont understand why its correct on PC.

    And why cant the game dont save it when i disable motion blur? Every time you start the game you have to disable motion blur again.

    Why cant we still disable crossplay?

    Playing with friends is horrible sometimes we need a half hour to find a game. Mostly if we search a game we end up in an empty lobby with 3-5 player and then if you go back to lobby other bugs happen so someone have to start the game again and then you land in the same lobby again and so on, its horrible.

    Archer hit detection is still horrible and arrows fly trough bodies way to often.

    Weapons make sometime wierd moves and feints without you input in it, other people recognize this problem too.

    I also dont know what to say about this invisibility thing at the start in every game. This is horrible. You cant see people and get killed by invisible people.

    And why is the animation not correct when i do weapon tricks like spinning my axe. In ego i swaps the axt from left to right hand and back and in third person hes spinning the axe. On Pc again this works correctly.
    Also why is there different animations in perspectives when i push someone? If i push with the axe in ego he pushes with both hands forward and hold the axe sidward. If i do this in third person he push him in the face with the under part of the axe. Why are animations different in ego and third person?

    When i spawn why cant i move to the left or right for about 3 sec? This is since patch.
    Also since patch the game start to have micro frezzes for a few millisecs from time to time.

    Its also unacceptable that they dont fix coxwell, the most broken map.

    The only thing i reconze with this patch is no team damage trough med packs, less to zero bots and i can finally equipe with hair. Thats it.

    I really hope you dont need another 2 months for the next patch and i hope the next patch really change things. There are still other bugs like when the king dont spawn and you cant win because no king no win e.t.c

    By the way we also need content so you have a lot of work to do ;)

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