Still no Stats

  • I have been following chivalry 2 on twitter since the game came out and suggested showing players stats like kills , deaths victories/ losses or even leaderboards, since the games slogan was become legendary it’s hard to know where you stand against your peers or even see if you got 10,000 kills or whatever your goal is. A developer showed a stats screen shot they were working on and I thought it be part of the recent patch/update but no. The game just feels empty to me after you’ve done most or all of the Achievements. Also I think the game feels worse since the patch i have never seen so many lopsided matches, today i was playing team death match and the other team had 8 players in double figure kills the top guy at 20 the other side didn’t even have 1 player at 10 It’s not even fun anymore.

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    Yeah stats would be great

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