Partying up with friends!

  • All my friends have the same console (xbox) and there are numerous problems with getting into a server. Here are the main common issues I am finding…

    1. not able to have more than 4 friends in a party (I know this is on purpose but this sucks, need to be able to have at least x10)
    2. When in a party of 4 and the party leader starts a game search, for some players the search doesn’t actually start
    3. when in a party of 4 or less and when the game ends, only the party leader seems to be able to get into the next game…everyone else has to disconnect and then try to rejoin the party leader through friends list and this doesn’t always work!
    4. When you are already in a game with friends and another friend comes online…they can’t just join in on your name (even when there is space on the server)

    all these issues need to be addressed as quickly as possible!

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