[video] Brand new 2.01 glitches

  • Recorded: https://youtu.be/Avrq-5delfk

    Hits are landed when should be missed
    Blocks are successfull when they shouldn’t
    Team damage blocks damage to enemy
    Oil bombs are deflected
    Throwables are time travelling

    It’s only a single round… some glitches existed before the patch, some were added.

    I would suppose patches are to be fixing things…

  • @mSnus Some good examples. A friend of my is also always raging when he get hits trough his block.
    There are some more bugs and glitches who need to look at.
    But i think the oil bomb you shown in the vid is deflectet because the guy was having a shield and i think this works correct.

  • @Maggi why the shield should deflect the bomb at all? It should burst against the shield anyway.

    I also saw the bomb deflected with a sword. That’s a nonsense :D

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