I got killed by a deployable archer shield with clip XD Can you please make deployables not disapear after a while.

  • I saw this beautiful crossbow shield and was thinking its a good idea to hide behind it but i was so wrong. I know that things disapear after a while, thats the reason why i pick up my spiketrap from time to time and replace it so it wont disapear. This disapearing mechanik it bad and things should only disapear when you a. chance class or b. if you place another one.

    But lets go back to this archer shield.
    So i was hiding behing it and it seems like the shield already stand there for a while. So it disapears and fall back to the ground hit me and pushes me of the cliff and kills me XD and then if this wouldnt be enough a black screen happend. I can open the menu e.t.c but the screen stays black.
    What a powerful archer shield.


  • It lookes more like some blow that both destroyed the shield and threw you off the wall.

  • @mSnus No its 100% percent the disapearing effect if something stands to long it will break. This happens to the crossbow shield it was standing to long ther so it destroyed it self and this means it falls to the ground this is what pushes me off the cliff. If you go to the 10 sec mark and play it over and over again then you see there is nobody there hitting the shield and no incoming projectile, its just the disapearing effect ;)

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