Push dont work with bare fists. But it works with the rose e.t.c Is this a bug? With clip example

  • I play a lot of bow and i also using the bow for close combat because its funny to kill people by hitting them with the bow. If you push on console right analog stick click. Then he hits with the fist who interupts enemie weapon movement.

    So i tried out bare fist just for fun.
    Now the thing is if you have your bare fist out and use the push button he does a slap who does not interupt any movement. I was needing like a half hour to find this out because it was so wierd that people dont get interupted and first i was thinking i need another class and its a bug for this class. I also started the game new because i was thinking it solves the problem XD

    So if you use bare hands you cant interupt enemie movement, so this makes this move total pointless because it deals 10 damage and does nothing, a normal fist does atleast minimum 20 damage.

    The thing is if you use a rose, jar, pumpkin, chicken a small stone or whatever you can hold in you left hand and then use push, then it will interupt enemie movement. Because hes not slapping anymore hes pushing and i ask my self whats the sense. So is it a bug and can you make bare fist interupt movement with the push button like it should be?
    I like to fist fight without holding a rose in my hand.

    Heres a the clip who shows it dont interupts.


    And here is a bonus clip of me beating a Messer guy in a 1vs1 with fists until he starts running away XD


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