• I am lvl 51 and always playing the same server. And I found that my skill highly depends on my ping value!!! The ‘border value’ is 32. If I have ping lower, I’m on the top of the table or sometimes the best one.

    If I have 36 or 40 – I’m a total newbe, my hits are landed on teammates, my arrows go through enemies without any damage, my oilpots are thrown second too late.

    And the ping doesn’t depend on my network, it’s definitely a server issue:

    • my network is stable
    • it looks that ping is measured incorrectly. It could not be always 32, 36 or 40. Where is 37 or 33?
    • I noticed 3 players at once with ping 104. Statistically impossible.
    • ping looks to become higher with higher server load. When I join the same Amsterdam server on one port, where only several players are fightinh, my ping becomes stable and low - 20. When I join that server on different port with many players, ping jumps higher and varies from 32 to 40.
    • slow ping players seem to affect whole team or whole server. Dunno why, but when no ‘200+ ping’ players are present, the game runs smoothly

    All that facts makes me suppose that is not the real ping, but some kind of server responsiveness. And it fails under high load. Could you just try to upgrade the Amsterdam server hardware or give more resourcers if it is a cloud one?

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