Make battering rams more required use!

  • I was thinking to improve the manual/interactive use of battering rams so that you need at least 4-6 players to operate it…
    The reasoning behind this is to enable:

    1. taking longer to bust through main gates on certain maps/gametypes…a harder fight is always good!
    2. would improve the gameplay by adding more emphasis to defend and protect those that are operating the ram. I think it would centralise a lot of action were it should be focused on …the main gate.
    3. Could make the gate itself and the ram more open to damage by fire arrows, drawing some attention from the archers in game which would increase sword sword action.
    4. increase throwable objects from wall area which is a fun aspect as there’s nothing more satisfying than obliterating peoples heads and adding damage value to the rams also. would be cool to as I think its important to mention that the ram should be able to be not completely destroyed but slowed down or maybe requires more players to operate to keep the ram going.

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