You need more bots to fill in games on Xbox...

  • I’m getting half empty 64 player games that are not filling. The last update screwed up the servers, and this update today, even worse.

    Please make the game the way it was when we bought it at launch, being the playcounts are dropping, and the games not filling, leaving for small matches, not 64 players.

  • It is even ridicilous you have to bring this up, cause the problem here is not only the number of bots, its foremost their skill in battle and their dumb prensence of acting and just being. they need to be more intelligent and a lot more unpredictible. Sometimes bots just focus by 3 on 1 guy but doing nothing and getting slain in a split second. Its in these kind of matches in the morning, european time that victory depends on howmuch players a team has, like 8 bots and 2players against 8 bots with 3 players. Then you know the attacking team will never get the objectives if its a scenario where the bots just cannot find it to help on objectives, i mean like standing around with a torch in their hands not moving instead of enlightening the objective fire

  • I don’t know about all that. I have no issue with bot mentality or how good they are. I just want the full exciting games what i bought. Not this half or quarter match boring crap.

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