Why has it taken 4 months to still not have crossplay party working?

  • As title says.
    I got 2 mates to grab Chiv 2 on the xbox, cause you know the game advertised crossplay between pc and xbox. But what we found was a piss poor attempt at crossplay. We have tried at least 1 day every week since launch. To get into the same game by joining and re joining random matches.

    You guys have released a major update today.
    And still haven’t sorted crossplay parties?
    What the hell are you all doing. 4 months guys come on. And all we get is “we know its and issue” and a little blue stamp on the roadmap calling it a “feature”.

    Bloody shame guys really.
    Guess it will be over a year till this is sorted. By then most peeps would have left to play something else.
    Really feel this crossplay thing was tacked on for the sales.
    If so Shame

  • Really cannot argue against you. Also, Idk what the newest patch should be looking like, but its really kind of rainbowy. Nothing against rainbow people, but i dont want it on my game cover. Also adding more green isnt always better

  • @Legio-Lazarus I’m on Xbox and can’t even browse by server. Can anyone not on PC browse by server?

  • @jarsmasher I wish brother. With every patch the game seems to load me into matches with higher ping. Now its nearly 200 which makes it impossible to play. In beta I had an amazing 8 ping, sure would be nice to have that again.

  • @jarsmasher pretty sure server lists are PC only

  • @riotact91 Wrong buddy… They’re just taking their sweet ass time.

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