Default Crossplay

  • Crossplay being enabled by default is so annoying. I understand people like it and it can be good for a game but it shouldnt be on by default. I feel this is the reason finding full lobbies with it turned off is so rare. A majority of casual players are not even going to notice it or care. My issue is that if i want a full lobby i gotta turn it on but the game plays worse. Its very noticeable with the ghost swings, weird player movement and boat load of wtf moments. If its turned off however it feels overall better but the lobby size is like 12 vs 13. There are still a couple of wtf moments but it is understandable in the games current state. I just dont know why when a game announces crossplay they have to cram it down your throat by default. That’s my rant, feel free to agree or disagree.

  • I think same. The crossplay must be only between consoles, not pc.

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