Fail to load in my armor on Xbox one.

  • My friends and I are wondering how we can see are armor again instead of the default look. If anyone has a solution to this issue would be most appreciated.

  • @Big-JZ If you still haven’t found a fix for it here’s one:

    Go to my games and apps, move the cursor to Chivalry 2, press the option button (it’s the one with 3 white lines) and select “manage game and add-ons”.

    Then scroll down to “saved data”, (and highlight the rectangle on the right that has your gamertag name if you have several players using your game) and press the option button again. Only one option should come up: “delete saved data”. Press A and then a new window will pop up asking where you want to delete the data from. You should be able to select “delete everywhere” (i.e. local saves and cloud saves).

    Note: Don’t go to the 1H spear menu or equip the Rusty Militant Helmet or War Club. This will cause the problem again. There may be other items that are bugged too. If you re-experience the problem, you can repeat the steps above.

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