This game is dying because of the matchmaking system

  • I’m a user who really loves Chivalry 2.
    After update, we can no longer see players who used to enjoy themselves on all filled 64 servers every night. Due to the matching system, many users are scattered to different servers.
    Plz…save this game that I LOVE!! T_T

  • 100% Agree, until today me and my friends from Asia keep getting into Oceanic Server with 200-300ping, It took us numerous attempt to rematch like more than 10 attempts to get into Asia Server (East Asia, Korea, Japan), the stupid thing is that Asia server has usually more players than it is on Oceanic Server, so why the hell do we keep getting into Oceanic Server then? They murdered a great game with this feature, it has been so long but they still don’t fix it, everything would be fine if they would stick to the old server browser…

    “You should not fix what’s not broken.”

  • No its dying because it was small content at the beginning, the pronaunced “double Size” and today i logged in again after Month, and nothing happenend!
    Chivalry was amazing, than this shit Arcan Warfare fail came out, and now this.
    I dont know whats the MAtter, Chivalry one was a Masterpiece. Torn BAnner been my Heroes. I been over lvl 60. I dont know what happenend TB, but you lost your PAth.

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