Friend invite still not working, what's the joke?

  • Seriously, what the actual f***?

    For the last decade, gaming companies have made “inviting friends to play” their selling point. The fact that it was broken in Beta, got released without fixing it, and now 2 months after release, still not fixed while all those patches are being released, is making fun of us? Like… “Thx for giving us your money”?

    My friends and I spend 15 to 20 minutes restarting that garbage of a game 20 to 30 times each time we try to play.

    We’re at a point where we stop after 10 minutes if it doesn’t work. And of course we can’t ask for a f***ing refund, cause we probably exceed the playtime limit by trying to get in a fkng party.

  • +1K we ve been ripped off

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