Update broke the game

  • I’m just gonna keep posting about this anywhere that I can. The update broke the game. You can’t find servers with more then 15 people each side. Before anyone says it, its not because the community is dead. I played last weekend (and many weekends before that) and always found full servers. This update has completely broken the game. What is more annoying, is that I haven’t heard anything from the devs. Talking to people in chat, we’re all experiencing the same thing. I’ve lodged a ticket w/ Torn Banner, but still haven’t heard back. I’d love to see some acknowledgement form the devs, so we at least know this will be fixed at some point.

  • they are silent all the time and dodging questions.The game is totaly broken

  • Game is still broken. No word on when they will fix it. No response to my ticket which I lodged some time ago. I’m really disappointed with how TB are handling this. When I had an issue with Mordhau, I lodged a ticket and received an email back from the dev team within 3 days. It acknowledged the issue, provided some explanation as to why the problem exists and assured me that it would be patched… I’ve stopped playing at this point and I imagine many others have as well. I think they are on a countdown until this game is dead. So disappointing when all it would take is some communication.

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