Server browser is gone why?

  • Why did the server browser go away? Now how do I know if I’m in a high ping server?

  • @RackEmUp187 I as a console player… Whats a server browser XD

  • the game still doesnt provide what we have paid for. I want a complete refund. All I hear is lies, if there are barely any answers: this is going into a complete blurring of moral standards and moral decay, knowing that people preordered the game, and still cannot compete on a decent level.
    By doing so, the market will totaly disrupt because game developers can do as they like.
    Thanks, TB, to give a carte blanche to every amateur developer nwho likes to deceive gamers

  • And if you really want to claim the money in advance of folks who preorded in advance, just say so: I even would have funded it on advance. Yore nothing but an amateur wannabee developer who dirupts the market once again, pulling off the tail of failed games like cyberpunk and metro: good job, last time i bought something of torn banner ripp off studios

  • Server browser is under the ‘more’ heading at the top after you press play, silly. It’s still there, just buried because developers always want us to use their special matchmaking babies.

  • Yall need to chill. The game was 40 bucks and they probably needed funding to complete it. This game has the best combat of any game I have ever played. They are actively improving it AND adding content. It’s better than having to wait another 6 months or the game never actually coming out.

    That said, the server browser does not exist for me on Xbox. And yes I checked the OTHER tab.

  • @jarsmasher I dont agree at all, although you might be right on the fact that they needed funding to complete it. If you buy a hairdryer or an oven or even a hammer, it has to function immidiately. Games used to function immidiately. There can be a few bugs of course, but not big ones, and certainly not for 3 months by now. There was a time before this pre- order bull!%@&!! that games were always working before they launched it (not THAT long ago).
    By doing like Metro, Cyberpunk and now also Chivalry, they are lowering the values of sold games, paving the road for other dubious companies to start and sell off unfinished games and this would become the new norm.
    Can’ t you see it is destroying and sickening the market??

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