100 hours in, loving the game but here are some things I'd like changed/fixed

  • So I bought the game about 2 weeks ago on Xbox One and I’ve put in a little over 100 hours now. Let me start off by saying I’m loving the game and only 2 issues (crashing to home-screen every 2-3 games/constant heartbeat sound which always leads to a crash) are game-breaking for me but the devs are aware of those, so hopefully the fix comes soon.

    Things I’d like changed:

    • The left trigger shouldn’t fire arrows. The number of random arrows I’ve shot because I tapped left trigger instead of holding it down could blot out the sun.

    • Blocking seems inconsistent but could be a latency issue with the game servers, not sure. I can’t count the number of times I’ve shwacked a dude from behind only to see it blocked by his 6-inch kitchen knife somehow.

    • Weapon range seems inconsistent, but as with above, this could be a latency thing. In my last game I had a dude outrange me with a sledgehammer when I was using an executioner ax and I know the go-to is that he was swinging first but you’ll have to take my word that he wasn’t.

    • Weapon splash damage? Not sure what to call it but when a dude is surrounded by 4 dudes and swings his messer somehow my ass gets hit in the backline three dude-lengths away.

    • This might be an unpopular opinion but I think blocking should be nerfed a bit. The vast majority of people I’ve played against simply hold down block and spam right trigger. I rarely see people use dodge outside of archers and I think limiting the amount of times you can block will mix up the gameplay and make a higher skill cap than what I see currently.

    • The longbow and recurve should be separate weapons, not just skins. A fully drawn longbow is about as powerful as a crossbow yet a longbow takes like 3-4 shots to kill a knight while a crossbow is 2. It would be cool if they separated the 2 weapons and made the longbow take more time to draw while the recurve is faster but with lower damage by comparison.

    • On the Xbox there’s no customizing of controls, that’s whack yo.(Not talking about sensitivity but the control layout, id like to switch which button does which attack and if possible change the god-awful throw buttons.)

    • Hit X to revive/ressuply. Idk what button these actions should be bound too but I’ve accidentally threatened, laughed at, and gloated to the resupply box and down allies more times than I can count.(The X button is the emote/talk button but it’s also the button you use to interact with things for those non-Xbox players out there)

    • An easier way to view the scoreboard on Xbox, as it is now you have to hit start, fight with the controls because the menu can be buggy, and then scroll down twice just to see the scoreboard.

    Things I’d like to see:

    • Fantasy skins, the game takes place in a fictional world so have fun with it, make crazy fantasy armors and weapons as something to work towards for the players. Agatha can have crazy-looking golden-clad paladins and the Masons can have crazy-looking dark knights.

    • Day/Night cycle rotations on the maps. Super easy to implement and adds variety to the gameplay.

    • More variety in game types. Some of the maps like Galencourt can be cut up and turned into team deathmatch maps. Have one outside the walls(stage one of siege) and one by the docks, both are fairly balanced in terms of spawns(maybe have Agatha spawn in the field instead of behind the walls). The content is already there so a simple edit would add more maps for players to enjoy without much work on the dev side.

    • Flails. I want to be a spinny boii.

    Now that’s enough internet for the day back to the game, have fun out there lads.

  • you sound like you are having still hope on this money making “project” it is more a ripp of . we have been robbed

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