• WAUWn Cant even manage a server 2vs2 with bots. I think I said enough in one sentence. If ps players cannot even make a complete match crossplay disabled: if ythere is not a way that servers get filled up , I really dont know where this game is aiming at. Like: crossplay is a good thing to do if youre playing at ps???
    I dont want to crossplay on pc cause its full of cheaters. once I had to slay thrice a loser wHo was already downed but still managed to hit me several times while he was downed and recieved multiple hits freom lme. Your game is totaly broken and youy need to fix it reguaring the contract. Torn banner is changing the very meaning of buying something and vetting what nyou have paid for. Here, players are doing the work of the developers, predoing the job of the developers. seriously, it has beeen 75 days, and still no improvement at all. I still cannot compleyte a whole match because i have to stop when my character refuses to sprint

  • Mirage: Arcane Warfare is not available on consoles (and isn’t available in any official capacity on PC.

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