developers stay silent

  • and sometimes, if youre lucky, there is some kind of scemeous dev that answers a peep of a response, frommost you can make off an answer, but its not gonna cut it. WTF are you doing TB I curse you

  • Who can one play 2 vs 2 with 10 bots involved, aiming to get 40 on 40? its ridiculous at the current rate of available players! Your maps were designed bigger! its a total decay

  • @Legio-Lazarus totally agree. I can’t get a match with more than 8 or so per side… TB are still silent on the issue. I’ve stopped playing at this point.

  • @noodlePancake

    Agreed, i gave up on chivalry 2 just now
    After my 3rd crash in 90mins, the empty servers is the least of their problems

  • 3 days into the week where TB said they’d be patching these issues… so far we have a patch for xbone to increase stability. It is fucking mindblowing. FFS speak about what you’re doing devs! The community is literally walking away from your game… I just can’t get over this clusterfuck

  • @noodlePancake Now they want us to participate on another forum: one where their devs have the power to exclude people without them having posted racist or other offensive phrases. This smells like censuration and not the least of it. Chivalry is the one and only most excuse of an indy game, if one had the guts to call it that way. 200% publicity and 000 work/ result.
    I am waiting for an actual real studio to adopt this concept of chivalry , and make it work.
    I am tired of this amateur dubious company wasting our money giving dog sh&@%!!@!! in return

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