Future Chivalry Mods Idea: Lord Of The Rings Castle Siege

    • Catapults, Trebuchets are pushable, required to do damage to castle walls
    • 5 Human classes: Elven Archer, Light Infantry, Gondor Knight, Pikemen, Rohan Cavalry(New)
    • Opposing team are Orc classes: Orges Orcs Flyers Beastriders etc (Attacking Team)
    • real time castle sieges of Helms Deep, Minas Tirith
    • full blown castle map with objectives also broken into stages

    Might sounds too ambitious or a stupid idea, but if there is a game/mod like this i will definitely play it. Imagine Chivalry mechanics in LOTR environment.

  • Ultra repost. Use the search.

    Helms Deep will be in game at some point but only as a community created map since there are legal issues preventing the devs doing it.

  • Yep as Sir Killsalot says it would have to a community thing if done.

    I forget the names involved but the company that owns the rights to LOTR recently, successfully filed a cease and desist order against a official LOTR rings mod. I forget which game it was for.

    A unofficial community mod would be under the radar as it were. But Torn Banner doing it themselves would run into trouble.

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