Please rethink / rework the Vote-Kick-System

  • tldr: please think about a kickvote-timer for player that just joint a server, like 5-10 minutes no votekick possible or thange votekicksytem to report system or something.

    i play on pc, eu west servers. yesterday i wanted to play an started the matchmaking. it put me on a na-east server. my ping was 130+ so i decided to give the matchmaking another try. again na-east. and another try. finally it put me on an eu-west server.
    the game i joined had one minute to go in a lost tdm match. next map galencourt. i chose my class and while the gametimer was still counting a votekick started on me. i had just enough time to type “why” in chat and was kicked out of the game for no reason.

    after that a 10min ban followed so i couldnt reconnect on that server, which was a pitty, i really love galencourt and the server was full and i was exciteted to play that match. matchmaking put me on half full servers. frustrated i shut down the game.

    this abuse cant be the intention of the votekick system. i dont know why i was kicked, maybe somebody wanted to free a slot for a friend, but it cant be that someone who did nothing and just want to play can be bullied this way out of a game. this abuse of votekicksystem is just wrong. i didnt had time to insult somebody, doing teamkills or anything that justifies a votekick.

    maybe a solution can be to set a timer for players that just joined a server 5-10 min or something they can not be selected for votekick. or just change the votekick system to a rport system.

    but this is just frustrating and shit.

    thanks for reading.

  • luckely, I dont have to deal with this toxic sheit because I play on ps5. Why is there a chat in game to start with? Only to spam toxics. I read youre complaining about a high ping (and you are right), which oblitorates any chance of decent playing: It seems like I always have a Ping of 168, sometimes its 268 and I can assure you that one cannot play like this. I got beheaded already while my character was beheading my foe. It doesnt add up at all. Servers are not only dead but dont function at all. Its the only game where I have experienced such a high ping, its ridiculous. IDK how they are going to deal with this (just another main disturbing “bug”) and the game is full of it. Its time for TB to recognise their “game” is a total failure

  • my ping on eu-servers is below 50. i am fine with that. but with votekick abuse i am not fine. its a shame.

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