Game crashed second time

  • This is the second time the game has crashed, it zooms in, screen goes black, and my PC is unusable. I didn’t send the error page, because Im sketchy about doing so, but two times???

    Anyone else have a crash similar to this?

    Game runs fine, except for all the latency issues that after the patch. Arrows going through people.

  • It seems the issue is my GPU overlay, had to go offsite to get an answer. I like to see my GPU temp and FPS… played for hours without issue, but this game runs fine, so I guess I don’t need it

  • So the game crashed again, and it renders the pc unusable. Game runs 120 fps, except for the latency… arrows going through people, blocks and hits not registering, I hear this while playing a lot, PC is useless after these crashes. I didn’t have the overlay on either. Wasnt like this before patch

  • And I see a lot of complainments on this flying straight into deafman’ s ears: I wonder which forum it is one should adress to, cause this one is laime, once in a month a dev responds an even laimer answer on this forum. Are you sure, TB your photo of a 30 group of nerds showing off in a fancy t shirt fabricated in the sweatshop next door with the TB logo on it, dissapearing from the moment it hits the washing machine, just like the excuse of a game you made, that you didnt pay of a bunch of nerds to post on a photo?

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