Stopped playing - patch broke knight / long weapons

  • Great latest patch vs 1st patch. However you made the knight completely obsolete as anyone with a knife, axe, mace, short sword, spear (poke) the better player. Why, because they all spam poke or whatever miniscule move and poof… 3-4 hits later you are dead with zero hits.

    You made an entire class obsolete. Not worth playing.

    Hit regs still off. I can swing an executioner axe and miss completely all the while a small weapon hits at same distance. Those weapons should be literally within a foot, not 6 feet compared to a sword or staff type weapon.

    Overhead swing - Full of bs. Someone should not be able to overhead swing… hit the ground and then shift left and right and hit people. They should be frozen there for 2-4 seconds until they pull the weapon back.

    Poke - Spear etc - Same difference as overhead swing - miss completely but then move left right and poke people after the fact. worthless.

    I will await an email for next update to see if anything gets fixed.

  • Yeah the good old stab and drag is very frustrating. Same with the overhead ill c it land 1ft beside me then boom im dead.

  • @Fatal-Bullet-4U
    I think it’s auto aim doing that, they need to take it off for the melee weapons at the very least

  • @riotact91 oh for sure, auto aim in a melee based game is just odd but i have definitely been killed because hits track me like the stab and drag. I also think the auto aim for archers is to good. People say archers arent overpowered and that they need to hit multiple shots. I play on xbox, archers rarely miss me even when i juke. They just spam light shots with aim assist up close.

  • @PJMcKay

    Same here, i dont care much about the spear poking cause i counter those anyway, but yhe archer’s deadly aim is bs, since this last patch my character spawns in default cosmetics, game constantly crashes, servers became highly unstable, switching classes ingame is broken, u need to use a workaround to be able to switch classes, after disconnects main menu no longer functions, come on torn banner, u guys broke ur game

  • @nWo_mustys666

    Didnt have any crashes before this last patch

    Ps. I play on Ps5

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