Customization bug is far worse now/question regarding swing speed

  • No idea what you guys did too it, but it’s literally happening every server for me now, used to be maybe a 1-2 time a day occurence and now I haven’t even seen the stuff I unlocked for either Mason or Agatha.

    I’m not even big on appearance in games but it’s pretty ridiculous I’ve earned and spent probably 200,000 in game gold to get better gear and now I can’t even see what I worked to unlock.

    Was better before the patch, much better

    Also I’ve noticed swing speed on certain weapons seems to be off, there’s no way an executioners axe should be able to be swung faster than ANY 1 handed weapons…

    Also I’m on PS4 and galencourt is basically unplayable, crasheds every time unless there is only 10 players in the game

  • @riotact91 Hey regarding the customisation bug, it’s a known thing, the fix for it can be found here.

    And about the server crashes TBS made an announcement on their discord 2 days ago that they are looking into it and a new hotfix should arrive “no later than the week of the 30th of August”

    Here’s the list with the issues they are aware of:

    • Players may revert to default customization when equipping a subset of items (such as customizing the One Handed Spear, issue does not occur in offline modes)
    • Console players experiencing increased crashes on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when playing Galencourt
    • Sometimes players are not migrating to larger matches at the end of a game (Especially noticeable in SA/OCE regions)
    • Server Browser is too hidden
    • Servers sometimes placing people outside of their expected region
    • Some customization items can’t be purchased (such as bowl cut) on consoles
    • Sir/Lady titles are currently not unlockable
    • Players can purchase customization items from outside of the Customizations menu
    • Additional map balancing and further exploit fixes

  • @Halbarad hey thanks for The link about the fix for customization stuff

    I don’t think the crashes in regard to Galencourt are server crashes, I should have been clear it’s the game it’s self crashing to blue screen on my ps4
    Edit: the guide for the bug fix worked for me, thanks again!

  • @riotact91 No problem, yep correct it’s not a server crash, it’s something wrong with the map that is causing your console to crash to blue screen, we’ll see if it gets resolved next hotfix.

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