The Weapons pt. 1

  • There is a handful of problems with some weapons in the game from what ive seen. Mind you i have put in at least 200 hrs into this game and i have seen these things happening for some time now. I will start with swing speeds, mainly the inconsistency of them. Many times i will just get absolutely diced up by super fast attacks. For example i am very aware of people (Mainly Man at Arms class) that just spam light attacks with small swords, which kinda works around the whole (initiative) of the combat design. Meaning i hit them and they just say screw initiative and smack me in the face regardless of my second swing. What makes this worse is sometimes there swings come out so fast even after a counter they can still get there hits in before you. This applies to most one handed weapons but even two handed weapons can do it. I have heard of people using a speed glitch for weapons but i believe its just a connection issue or something.

    The Dane Axe and Executioners axe

    The dane axe is frustrating to fight but overall i think its a fine weapon but its overhead is just to fast. Its not inconsistency this time either. Its just a chopping machine, granted its a semi light axe. I just feel every time i fight someone who is using it they just drop it on me so quick and the fights over. I do believe blocking overheads is a little harder than swings do to timing but i usually die to this move 90% of the time. Could just be me but moving onto the big boy. The Executioners axe or as me and the boys like to call it, the gummy axe. I cant tell u how many times ive judged the reach of this weapon and been wrong. It seems to grow in size when someone swings it. I’ll be 6ft away from someone and take two steps back and this thing will still hit me. Either their arms gain an extra two feet or the head of the axe does. I dont use it much but if anyone else has experienced this let me know.

    Blocking and Back slaps

    First thing to say is blocking doesnt always work. You will see an attack coming, turn and block but you die instead. This happens pretty often in crossplay lobbies but can still happen without it. I would again assume this is another connection issue but i should mention that i feel there is bad input delay sometimes. I’ll go to swing or block and my guy will just stand there and do nothing. There are also many instances of someone blocking an attack they shouldnt be able to. You can get a good side swing on someone who isnt even looking at you and they block it. I’ve even seen swings go behind their shoulders and it still gets blocked. I cant imagine its easy coding this stuff but this should get looked into. A Back slap is when u are behind someone and they hit u when they raise their weapon to attack the guy in front of them. Swings are the biggest offender to this. In this instance i think u should take reduced damage, not all of it. It should be a glancing blow but instead u eat a 85dmg heavy swing. This is obviously annoying and should also be looked into i think.

    Honorable mention (the cudgel)

    This little hunk of wood is very annoying to fight. Swings and animations are so fast.

    Overall i think most weapons are fair and balanced enough. There are still going to be spam slashers and spam stabers (Long sword and Messer mains) but at the end of the day its still a fun game and i hope they improve upon it.

  • @Fatal-Bullet-4U

    I totally agree on ur guy sometimes does not respond to block or swing inputs and just stands there and take it like a champ

  • @Fatal-Bullet-4U Pretty much all the problems I have too, 100% agree. Love the game but this is quite frustrating.

  • @Jingles

    In my opinion the game is in a broken state

  • I agree that most weapons are balanced, in the sense that almost all weapons have cleave damage and effect a 3ft circle around the person swinging the weapon. The only exception to this are arrows (with good reason) and the spear. I’m not sure what was done to fix the spear, but the the hitbox now seems to be miniscule compared to all other weapons. If not aimed directly center of a head or chest, the spear doesn’t score a hit. God forbid the enemy jumps, then all hope is lost of hitting them. The animation shows the spear hitting the enemy (e.g. ribs or shoulder), but the hit doesn’t register. Normally I’d say the tighter the hitbox, the better. However, since all other weapons have cleave damage, it makes using the spear that much more frustrating. I’m not suggesting the spear have cleave damage but perhaps make the hitbox bigger to include the entire enemy. And I have confirmed this isn’t lag, because I have switched my weapon and do not experience similar issues.

    With regards to the overhead strike, I agree something is off with it. Not only have I thrown a successful block which was ignored by the swing, but I have dashed numerous times out of a swing’s trajectory, see the weapon hit the ground, and then die to that hit a second later. Cleave damage I’m guessing? It can’t be lag because I can clearly see the enemy’s weapon hitting the ground.

    Anywho, great game, tons of fun. I love what you devs are doing, keep up the great work.

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