Matchmaking algorithm issues?

  • I can’t be the only person here who encounters this, because every time I mention it everyone in the sever agrees.
    I go to 64 player matchmaking, and get put in a game with with 2 other players and a ton of bots.
    Exit, go back to matchmaking. After about 3-4 games with bots, it joins me to a fullish server with 50ish players.
    Then, after a couple of games, it randomly splits those players to different servers, lowering player count per server and killing them off.
    Have tested this through talking to people playing, they are still playing and it moves them. Is this an intended function, to split 100ish players on a given night in Australia alone between 8 different servers, which makes the game seem dying and is far less fun or is there an issue?
    Would be really good to get some response on this.

  • 100% this, the way the matchmaking works now has made the game seem dead in Australia which I’m sure will lead to some players abandoning the game. The fact that you can’t see ( all ) the matches in the server browser anymore doesn’t help either. Please look into this urgently.

  • You’re not the only one… I’m playing in Australia and haven’t had a full server since the update. Logged tickets with TB, posted in discord and on forums. The devs are pretty silent on it. It’s really frustrating. They’ve said they’ll be releasing another hotfix on or before 30 August so here’s hoping it fixes it. At this point the game is pretty much unplayable. It’ll be dead within a month if they can’t sort it out.

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