HAVE SOME HONOR! (*in a perfect world*)

  • 68 - 70 hours of gameplay thus far, love the game and it’s a ton of fun. Yes, lots of work needs to be done but dang, we have a game of actual halfway realistic carnage! Heads, arms, and legs getting whacked off?! - Yes Please! No cheesy flashy lights or wizardry - Yes Please!
    I have been wanting a game like this for a very long time - Since the old, very old online dueling game “RUNE” - But there was a sweet taste, special Honor players had to it as well.

    My only beef; Honor or lack thereof. from teammates. I wished folks would have some honor. I know I waste my breath on this one, but hey…Here are a few things that really…really grind my gears because it happens SO MUCH.

    1. Teammate; If you see 2 people battling it out, leave them the heck alone! For the love of God, let your teammate have his dual. No need to plow in there and kill his opponent from behind or at all for that matter. Plus, there is ZERO skill to that. They are in a dual!

    2. Teammate; Stop thirsting for kills! Good grief, pace yourself. There is no dang reason to rush into someone else’s dual and steal their downed kill. Your teammate downed the guy, let him have his kill. Come on yall. That is so dang low, I can hardly stand it. Go play COD if that’s how you wanna roll.

    3. Teammate; Stop running into a fight SWINGING behind your own Teammates holding a front line! Jesus… Just hang out behind them ready to support if they go down, or look for the flank. You are hurting your own team when you just plow in swinging, go play Mario Cart if that’s your thought process.

    For Honor, you must give Honor!

    Happy dueling
    PS. from a lot of players, (I’m assuming) I don’t need your help unless I lose my nugget then feel free to intervene. Just have some damn Honor.

  • Wauw, I don’ t follow you. How can you even expect on a 32 vs 32 chaos to be left alone in a duel in the middle of a battle? And what if you were an archer, would you say: " I will not hit that fellow over there because he already is in a fight, and I cannot hit another one cause he wouldnt see my arrow coming from that angle, so thats not fair"

    If you dont like to have your duels interrupted (and I can understand that), than play 3 vs 3 as there is no place for that in an all out match.

    There is no way that people can and will want to respect “unwritten and ridiculous inexisting honor rules”: It s called warfare. Besides, one cannot think 2 seconds before attacking if its okay to attack regarding so called honor rules. Thats only and only for duels

  • There is a game, called “For Honor”, and its far better than Chivalry. Its 4 VS 4. And its a lot more balanced too. If you dont like duels to be interrupted: that’ s the game for you as one that gets attacked by multiple opponents will get a buff called revenge.
    But honestly I don’ t see the use of that in a 32 vs 32.
    I think its logical with such great numbers on the battlefield that duels as you fancy them are compromised

  • I hear what you’re saying and your point does make sense. BUT, there has been plenty of times where I’m off the beaten path fighting someone and a teammate runs over to, I guess help? I have come across people fighting and just keep moving along. I have seen multiple multiple times where a whole swat team has to run out of their way to just steal their teammates’ kill. Half the time their own teammate hits them multiple times.

  • I don’t mind when someone comes over to help in a fight but the brazen kill stealing gets out of hand sometimes

    Also telling people to go play other games just makes you seem like an ass badger

  • At the end of the day, if you’re playing the objective based modes, the aim is to eliminate the enemy as quickly as possible, unless otherwise specified (I.e. loot the town etc). I put my opponent down as quickly as I can and move on to the next. If you wanna dual, join a dealing server or 3v3… totally different skill set for that.

  • @riotact91 I am not telling anyone what to do except for TB. It was a friendly suggestion and I adviced this game (FH) because its a good one and I enjoy it myself. If I look like an ass badger to you by doing so than i ll gladly take it. You seem like a whiner to me

  • @MadVoodoo

    U do understand these idiots u speak off dont give a dang right?

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