Class Practice Arena and Voice Proximity Chat

  • My idea is that a Class Practice Arena and Voice Proximity Chat should be added to Chivalry 2. The Class Practice Arena will give players time to learn how to use the class and mix their strategies up by combining different weapons. The Voice Proximity Chat would be awesome for a game like this, the current way you speak in-game is cool and all, but since I use PS4 it’s quite hard to say what I want to say fast enough. With the voice proximity, chat players could feel more in the battle by shouting orders and strategizing more efficiently.

  • @BlueSekigan03 Both these thing’s would be nice, especially a better practice area but they need to fix a handful of things before trying to add stuff.

  • @Fatal-Bullet-4U Yeah, I get that. I have seen some bugs here and there that need fixin’. Like player models “skiing”, models not appearing correctly, and some other stuff. Ooh, I just thought of it, but what if the combat moves were set like this; Stab (Light-Short Range) was R1, Overhead (Heavy-Short Range) was R2, and Slash was R1 + R2 (Medium-Wider)? Would that let players be able to keep their guard up more effectively and pull of their attacks easier?

  • Regardless of my, and other’s suggestions, Chivalry 2 is an awesome and ambitious game. I would also love to see a Viking and Samurai version of this too, but that’s wishful thinking.

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