2 questions, need help.

  • Hello, new to the game and had 2 questions.

    1. I have fully customized my characters and spent money even on outfits yet nothing shows up in a match. Why is this? How can I fix it?

    2. Does class have any affect on speed (outside of running)? Such as will a Knight shield bash/kick/attack slower than a Footman? Or is speed exactly the same on everyone only outside of running speed?

  • @Seipher09 The customization bug is something they have been working on, hopefully its fixed soon. Second question not so sure about. It feels like some classes are faster but i do know its inconsistent. Some attacks, bashes, kicks, come out faster do to connection or its a glitch.

  • @Seipher09 Hey, click here to be redirected to the official reddit page of the fix regarding customisation, don’t forget to reapply your skins after you are done.

    For the second question I’d say instead that certain weapons are faster and not the classes/subclasses as in swing/attack speed, instead here’s a great spreadsheet to look at for how much damage you deal as every class/subclass alongside the weapon you are using. here 2 - latest_weapon_data tab is where you want to look at.

  • Why does everyone have to point out in a pm to amateurs of tb to fix common problems that tb has made?

    Why do we have to run after a game already paid for, some of us having paid extra for cosmetics now al of a suddenly disappeared and now we all have to engage in support?
    How many pm’ s do you expect the coming weeks?: the exact same amount of remaing players!
    What a bunch of amateurs TB.

  • This should have been resolved in one of their “patches” other than ruining even more the piece of game we had

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