Concerned about playerbase

  • *I’m a 35 year old avid gaming enthusiast with a career background as a software engineer and business development for various tech companies. I have enjoyed watching the gaming industry transform and grow from the time I was a child playing Atari. I love Chivalry 2 and would love to see it succeed. *

    So far I have to say that I really love Chivalry 2! Kudos to the developers for making this game everything that Mordhau and Chivalry 1 lacked. I find it hilariously fun and immersive and I want this game to succeed so incredibly bad that I’ve been inclined to detail my observations. That being said I am also very concerned for the Chivalry 2 player base for the following reasons:

    • Lack of Content - I understand over the course of the last decade the meta of game development in general across the board has changed. Development has mutated into releasing products as a minimum viable product in order to have a deliverable. Then the intention is to use the funds generated from the sales to provide the rest of the capital needed to finish the product. While what has been delivered is exceptional, there is also a sore need for more content. Much like the release of Sea of Thieves, Chivalry feels very empty with very little to do or to work toward. Sea of Thieves listened to its player base, quickly added more content, and recovered / continued to grow. However SoT had the advantage of being the only solid title in the genre. Additional game modes, horses, more weapons, mods, and most importantly in my opinion a Ranked ladder system (ex: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3) should have all been implemented on release. I suggest to the powers that be to get these deliverables out in the next 30 days. Timing is critical and according to the roadmap they have already been in development. After that keep new updates coming too. Keep the game fresh. A game needs replayability in order to retain its player base instead of recycling its player base. As the old saying goes - “First impressions are everything” and, Chivalry is no longer the only title worth playing in the genre. If additional content doesn’t come quick to retain the player base I fear many will leave in favor of other titles and never return.

    • Release on Steam - I have no problem whatsoever downloading and playing Chivalry 2 on the Epic launcher. However, steam has become THE name in the gaming industry for launchers / libraries. I have several friends who exclusively buy steam games for various reasons. I don’t understand it. I personally do not feel this way, but I see the same questions asked all the time. “Has Chivalry been released on Steam yet?” or “When will they release on Steam? - Holding out hope.”. Even though It doesn’t matter to me which platform a game uses as a launcher I do know that it matters for a great many. Not releasing on Steam will absolutely bottleneck your player base and sales. Less sales means less content, and less content means less player retention.

    • Low Player Population? - I’m usually in a match in short order with a nearly full game, however I do tend to see a lot of the same names over and over. Is it because we have similar matchmaking? or is there simply not that many players currently playing. I cant help but notice the lack of forum posts on the official Chivalry page. This is a bit scary to me. A new game like this if successful should have a forum page turning at least daily. At the time of this post there has only been one post for today (8/26/21), and hadn’t been a post since 5 days earlier (8/21/21). Surely this is a sorting bug? If there are actual 5 day gaps between posts on the general forums page then there is definitely a lack of player base.

    Thank you again Torn Banner Studios for providing us with yet another great title that I’m positive if handled correctly will once again be the new GOAT of the genre.

  • i dont think devs post here or read these forums, they have loyal fans and should be going out of their way to atleast to communicate, hire someone atleast

    there are all kinds of issues, crashes, latency, hit box, crashes, we have the same toxic kicking system from chiv 1, a lot needs to be addressed, and at the same time they should STILL be adding TO maps

  • I totaly agree and its a big shame. its like its only monitored by one dog.

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