Desertion Mechanic Too Restrictive

  • While I appreciate the option to forward spawn, I think the Desertion mechanic is far too aggressively restrictive - to the point of punishing success and excluding legitimate tactics. I am advocating for a rework pass of the desertion mechanic to allow for a more dynamic and rewarding battlefield experience.

    If as defender I have dispatched my enemies, let me engage in a tactical fighting retreat toward my objective! I’ve survived the local battle, am moving in the direction I should be, excited for the tactical opportunities along the way, and my reward is an accusation of desertion and forced suicide? It feels horrible!

    I think desertion boundary activation for the defending team should lag behind one stage of objective progress, but the forward spawn option kept as-is.

    If players are intentionally throwing the game in any manner we can and already do vote-kick them; there is no need for such a restrictive desertion mechanic.

    Let us engage in some fun, perilous and effective rear-guard tactics!

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