Why the game is basically dead now....

  • I came late to the party, shame the game isnt in a good state. Had a bit of fun at the start, but as i started to improve and work out the mechanics, I realised how poor they are…

    • hit rego is the worst ive come across since global agenda (anyone remember that?). The amount of times I’ve watched by weapon go right through someone to rego no hit and then have their counter insta hit me…

    • wtf on the server browser??? only shows duel servers?? very misleading and most games i join are half bots.

    • the length/reach of weapons is waaaay off and inconsistent between individual weapons. no idea how a one hander slash out ranges some two hander weapons.

    • blocking is pretty broken. ever had a swordsman do that strafing/slashing back and forth lagging all over the place and you cant block him with a shield? also amazed how many 2Hers can block me from behind. i’ve also somehow blocked attacks from the side of me, but yet an attack from the front hits me when ive got my cursor facing their weapon.

    • once again another melee game has shields flying all over the place and behind you when you attack with ur 1H weapon. this is completely stupid as your shield is supposed to protect your side that you are not attacking from.

    • not sure how daggers can block mauls, etc with the same efficacy as other weapons.

    • no headshot bonus for melee weapons… what?

    • mason armour sets and art is significantly lacking in quality relative to agatha

    • countering, riposting, etc cannot be done consistenly due to the awful rego.

    • jab and kick being separeted in effects means that noone can reliably use them regularly. the exception is kicks if someone is turtling behind a shield. you can weave in the odd jab to throw off timing, but its very risky and weirdly has a very short range.

    • weapon swing animations are often deceiving… someone can wind up an attack and the weapon is behind them… then it instantly hits you with no swing animation. same for weapon throws. im assuming this is part of the same issue that causes hit rego failure.

    • the weapon stats in game are essentially not accurate. an example is longsword sharing the same speed as other 2H weapons when it is the fasest in practice. the damages are deceiving and confusing.

    ive had fun playing ur game, but im kinda done with it now after ~2 weeks. i guess i’ve had some fun with it, although i’ve been more triggered by all the random misses and hits even more. i’ve essentially paid to play a beta.

    ping isnt my issue btw. i have between 0-40 most of the time.

  • You missed two major reasons why this game is basically dead now.

    1. This game doesn’t support actual cross platform play. Letting consoles (XBL & PSN) play together and excluding PC from the mix is not cross platform play IMO. This is one of the major reasons this game has failed thus far. A good handful of my friends and I are not playing this game because of the lack of cross platform play.

    2. Silence… The silence the devs have given this community is deafening. This right here is what can kill a communities morale and drive people away. It’s sad really.

  • Well, looks like this game already dead and the sad things is, it’s only survive a couple of month since the release. Empty server, empty server is everywhere. Hell even Chivalry 1 survive longer, but this? laughable not even 6 month and already dead LMAO.

  • Considering their previously released game no one wanted and then they managed to kill their only successfull remade game with single update.

    I completely lost trust in this studio. They are not able to develop or manage a game. I bought Chivalry 2 with full price and it looks like my worst buying decision for this year.

  • Well, now this game is officially dead on Asia Region, all server empty. Gonna uninstall it and move to Battlefield 2042.
    Oh and BTW you are the one who killed it Torn Banner, yeah you should be proud of it, well done.

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