About to lose team switching + autobalancing (WTF?!)

  • Yo guys,

    Do you even play your own game? or you find it too shitty to even bother?

    How can you not fix the team switch for the winning team around the end of a match + autobalancing of highest players in the leaderboard at the last minute they,re about to win?
    Don’t you guys notice this behaviour of shit players switching team at the last minute ?
    have you not been autobalanced at the last freaking minute of a match where you led your team to victory?

    And the new maps that are unplayable… wtf is that shit!? Have you tried it out before releasing them?

    You got a good product… you are almost there… why the fuck won’t you fine tune it to the end? Why don’t you support it correctly? This kind of shit is the reason why you lost me as a costumer. No way ill pay for an other game from your studio. These features or lack of are the most frustrating problems a game can have.

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