Customization does not work

  • Hello! Recently, the training mode was passed again, after which all alternative skins were no longer displayed in the game. That is, instead of a customized hero, I see default armor and weapons. How to fix it?

  • found a solution

    *Go to:
    %LocalAppData%\Chivalry 2\Saved\Cloud
    You may need to show hidden files and folders.

    Delete all the files in the Cloud folder. (Move them to another folder on your machine if you want to back them up first.)

    Load up the game and go to the customization menu. Your character models should look “Default”. Re-apply your customizations. I suggest you do a test changing just one thing (taking off helmet, for instance) and load into a game to confirm it works.

    DO NOT GO TO THE 1H SPEAR menu or equip the Rusty Militant Helmet. This will cause the problem again. There may be other items that are also bugged. If you re-experience the problem, you can repeat the steps above.*

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