Feedback from a new player

  • Hi - I recently bought this game, spent around 10 hours so far, and sharing some comments from the perspective of a new player, if it can be helpful.

    In no particular order:

    • Arena game - very hard to find in the game menus, why is it not with the other modes?
    • Objectives progress during games is often confusing. I see a bar progressing at the top e.g. “Capture ramparts” but then I’m not sure which rampart we are referring to. Maybe make the flags move up or down as they are being captured? Visual cues in general.
    • To see my progress to level up a class I have to be in a game, very annoying. The level up is also pretty hidden, there is no number or indication on how to actually level up. Same to access specific weapons, I need to be in game to see which class has access to what. I can’t see what I’ll have access to in the future either. I would recommend a section outside of the game where you can check classes, weapons, and level up progress.
    • There is no daily win bonus, battlepass etc. No real incentives to play for longer periods of times. I’m not saying every game should have that, but I was surprised considering the game is somewhat repetitive and it would fit well (unlock special skins etc.)
    • I liked the training a lot, but then because the learning curve of the mechanics is somewhat high, I would love to see some kind of training grounds where I can play 1v1 vs an AI that either defends itself or not. Trying out weapons etc.
    • No ingame map or minimap. It would help. I sometimes get lost or don’t understand where the objectives are.
    • Scoreboard is a bit simplistic, I would like to see what classes people are playing.
    • Surprised to see no outside of the game stats around KDA / win rate per weapon and per class. I want to understand with which weapons and class I do well or which should I improve.
    • It often takes 15 to 20 second to go back to the field, it feels a bit long.
    • Healing is overpowered and not realistic, when other parts of the game are. What if clarion and trumpets boosted stamina / damage instead of healing?
    • The three sub classes are confusing. It would be simpler to have one class and be able to customize it as you level up e.g. choose unique perks & special ability & weapons
    • Would be great to have more dynamic events on the map or unlocks if you stay alive e.g. after 10 takedowns in 1 life, you can call an army of peasants to help

    Aside from that the game looks and plays great. Loving it.

  • I have to agree with many of his points. His third point about class progress is correct. It is a little confusing. Makes a good point and suggestion.
    Training with 1v1 AI would be great. Maybe could set level to train against as well.
    The three subclasses are good, but not being able to simply customize your character with any weapons you have unlocked seems awkward.
    Enjoying the game too. Have a ways to go to get real good.

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