Where did all our funds go??

  • So it s been 3 months since we ve preordered this bull&é"%!! called chivalry. There is a game called “Wolves of Midgard”, crowdfunded by little money and developed by just 4 guysand guess what? its without of bugs, it runs flawlessly and it costs half of this excuse of a game called chiv. Developers managed to succeed with little money where chivalry goes in the dark for 3 months now, with over- funding. WTF are you doing with our money??
    I guess TB need to put funds in development instead of in publicity.
    It has become a caricature, but it isnt funny anymore. Give our money back, this is whay over the top. I wonder what You guys are doing with our money. I also wonder if its not time to take a lawyer collectively and if its even legal what you %%!!&!! are trying to do

  • Your game is one big joke: and a very bad one. There are several new games releasing at this very moment without any bugs and, WHERE IT IS EVEN POSSIBLE TO FORM PARTIES WITHIN THE SAME PLATFORM AND EVEN CROSSPLATFORM without them boasting about it. and i am not talking about crowdfunding games.
    It works flawlesly and nobody preordered it!
    So, how are you bunch of nobodies gathering around the fire showing off zweihanders on a pic with a cheap ass t shirt from TB posing all proud, howmany are you real at?? I hope you repay every single dude or gal who has invested in this crap, although i wouldnt put my money on it. there is really nothoing to be proud of and i suggest you take your shitty picture back to where it belongs

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