64 player only?

  • What happened to the 40 player modes? 64 is way too many to feel effective. Instead of 1 vs 3 it’s now 1 vs 8 and then 5 more show up. Flanking is no longer viable. Spawns are too short because you don’t see the other 13 guys behind you. Taken a lot of the joy out of this game for me. Keep the 64 player modes of course, but give us back our 40s?

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    Here’s what they said on Discord:

    Regarding the removal of 40p Mixed Modes - 64 players has been our flagship and most popular queue and at this time we’re looking to encourage more players to try it, rather than splitting the player base between the two modes.

    Queue changes like this are always experimental and are not necessarily a permanent change. As with all game changes we are open to hearing feedback from you - the players.

    We will observing this change, as well as the 1v1 arena addition, and our team will evaluate the player feedback regarding these mode changes in the coming days.

    So maybe it will come back later.

  • @Skindiacus Highly fucking doubt it. game is dead… they removed 40 because they could not fill 40 vs 40 AND 64 vs 64… glad the new games are coming. I really tried to enjoy this game and was hyped for it. shit job by devs. last game ill buy from this studio.

  • jup. 100% right

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