Are you serious, Torn Banner?

  • Can someone please explain to me, how it is possible that I can’t play offline games, because Bots are just standing around, doing NOTHING. Even on friggin TDM mode, they run around for one minute, maybe kill someone and then just stand around until the match is over. Some bots are invincible for the whole round, until you hit them with an arrow. I have ZERO gaming experience in this, I played Chiv 1 for YEARS, switched to Mordhau when it came out and now wanted to give Chiv 2 a try, because I was such a big fan.

    HOW is it possible that Torn Banner STILL can’t manage to create NPCs that WORK. This feels like I’m fighting Sims characters.

    I really REALLY wanted to get the feeling of the game by first playing offline games. Like seen above - it doesn’t work. Then I tried to catch some immersion in an online match. I can literally find one server with about 2-4 players on it. Every other server won’t let me join for whatever reason or it’s ping is above 250.

    How does this developer studio manage to disappoint me on so many levels?

    My question: Is there any way to get my money back OR is there any way to fix all of this NPC and Multiplayer bs?

    Kind regarts,

    angry gamer girl

  • Well, the issues are regrettably enough very clear:
    TB needed funds, before becoming bankrupt.
    After half a year of patience, it’ s clear they are a sinking ship of a handful of losers “working” on a running project: they opened their drawer and found a couple of empty ideas and old drawings.
    TB was on the brinck of getting bankrupt so they managed to launch still a fake game and making exponantionaly publicity about it . Now, you dont want to know howmany people preordered it: this is just straight torture and messing up any ideas about buying a game and expecting it to run.
    This game is the worst from what I have seen so far. I am a die hard gamer from 86, so there are at least 27 years of eccesive gaming here. Never had this bullshit lioke I encountered it here on TB. Even did Cyberpunk and metro. Now I have seen it all. I know companies with crowdfunding and they got far farther then …this!. I really have no words left for this amateur dubious society called TB

  • And you dont want to know howmany folks actualy spent extra dollars/ euros to buy parts of their cosmetics or whatever they fancied at that moment: it all disappeared with the newest “patch”.

    This issue goes on by 6 weeks now, still not any improvement on it.
    Howmany are TB on a team? less then the picture they like to boast with.
    Where is the money i initialy invested- i definetly want it back- and where are your empty promises about the game you promised 3 months ago

  • boasting with the fact that this game would be crossplay all over by the end of august. we are almost oktober now, still not even a msg from devs by now, look at the road map. Seriously, i am wanting to rise a collective lawyer on this one. one last breath to ripp em all???
    thats what tb has gone to

  • When do you finaly refund without any lawyer??

  • wauw. now i even lost my lvl.
    this game makes any impossible “wish” come true. congratulations TB. you just managed to screw up a game that was already damaged by so far, it became unplayable

  • I should’ve stayed with Mordhau…

  • I also need a return of the game “War of the Vikings” … “Chivalry 2” disappoints me a lot …

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