Suggestion - Private game mode for competitions / Dedi servers

  • I’ve read that cross platform group play is in the works. I would also suggest adding a customizable tournament mode, where players can team up and play private matches with friends, doing anything from 1v1s to 32 vs 32.

    Also, I would suggest allowing players to host dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are great for building communities, and with today’s average household bandwidth equaling or exceeding t1 speeds of yesteryear, there’s no reason to deny the player base the ability to host their own dedicated and self-hosted servers. Servers could be hosted for players with desired rulesets that could be enforced such as perhaps, a server where no rangers are allowed, or a server where everyone can only use their fists, or just a private server you only want certain people to enter. etc. etc.

    These would be good additions imo, then of course, keep the matchmaking system in place for people who desire that.

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