My Chivalry game is gone from my computer???

  • I was playing chivalry when suddenly I got booted from the game and the servers were no longer there. I went to Steam and I was disconnected from steam. Eventually I was reconnected to Steam and went to PLAY Chivalry - but there was no play button - only the download. So I am downloading the game. I am not sure what happened or what is happening. Time will tell.

    Did anyone else have this happen to them? :?

  • Steam was briefly down a little while ago which disconnected players from servers - however the game having to be redownloaded is an extremely strange issue. Did you try restarting the Steam client?

  • When steam came back on it downloaded an update and Chivalry was in MY GAMES section and recognize +57 in achievements - but can’t seem to find the game in my 86x. Should I stop the re-downloading of the game and just restart my computer?

  • I honestly don’t know, have never heard of Steam just losing a game like this.

  • Well, I just downloaded the game and restarted the computer and all is working fine :P - mystery!

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