Wtf is wrong with the game and the devs?

  • I didnt played chivalry for about 2 months because the game was going more worse from patch to patch and from update to update. 2 days ago i give it a another try to look if the game is better know and heres my expirience.

    I start chivalry searched a game and found a lobby with 10 players nice.
    So i closeed the game because it will only find the same lobby over and over agian omfg.
    Ok next try i found another lobby an error shows up and kicks me back to the dashboard.
    Ok one more try just one more. I started the game again then in the main menu everything stops working and shut down my xbox wtf.

    Today i give it another try and guess what first try everything stops working and it turns off my xbox.

    Torn Banner you know what heres a friendly fuck you too for you ;)

  • @Maggi I think we should pay a lawyer collectively. All this chivalry2 nonsens was never the plan to become a real game imo. This stinks like fraud, we have been robbed from our money, but in an illegal way.
    The attitude of devs on top of that makes this game even worse. This game is the worst game I have seen in my entire life!
    What a waste of good money, and i am not only talking about OUR money, from costumers.
    They should be paying folks back by now…

  • So yeah: fuck torn banner and all their devs. its a dubious society

  • @Legio-Lazarus I saw you comment on other posts in the past and it seems like you really hate them XD But now i understand you.
    Its a shame the devs dont answer any thread, it seems like they dont even read the forum. I heard the devs are on discord but i dont care about discord i never was on discord and this here is their forum and here you should answer.

    The biggest shame is i spend about 10euros more for the edition with the 1000 in game money and this was my worst move because over a half year later and there is still nothing to buy in the in game shop XD I mean in every game where you can buy in game money you can purchase some special skins e.t.c with in game money but not in chivalry here it lets you unlock normal stuff but not even all.

    You cant even buy some skins because first you have to be level 80 for specific armor. Isnt the sense of real in game money to skip all this levels and buy it with real money? Whats the sense when i first have to get to level 80? When im level 80 whit this class i will would have 500000 gold so i dont need in game money. I sitting on over 120000 gold and didnt play for months.
    Also i buyed the raven knight armor for the red knight. Since the first update it was removed and isnt there anymore since yet? I dont know why they removed it but i spend gold on it to buy it and i didnt get a refund what if i would have spent my real in game money for it?

    This game was a really huge cashgrab. I dont think i will ever go back to play chivalry because it so unfinished and with no content and when the game is finished someday i will play other games. I buyed chivalry to skip time until battlefield comes out but this wasnt my best plan.
    Its a huge shame because the game was having good potenzial.

  • @Maggi That’s funny (not really) because I bought this game with some of the same thoughts in mind. It has been a very disappointing purchase for me and my friends. None of us saw this neglect/cash grab coming. This is criminal, a lawsuit would be fitting for what they have done and are doing. BF 2042 is almost upon us and when it’s here this game will truly die to me. When the time comes I hope to meet on the Battlefield.

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