fix the bullshit for xbox players VS PC

  • as a chivalry fan since the first game the updates that make it impossible to play against PC players is unbearable. your losing fans and followers as anytime we try to play were vastly outnumbered by the PC community which has access to much freer controls and the aility to mods and hacks. and although im sure i will get tons of responses by PC players who claim their is no difference that is ludacris. and they either cant compete at their own skill level on PC or just suck that bad they need to invade console lobbies. I don think keeping PC players away is the answer but i do feel console players deserve a choice, s i have many friends who bought the game but have quit playing based around the unfair advantage and bull that the PC players are allowed to have. please adjust lobbies to if we want to play unrestricted we can but if not it does not ruin our experience with faster mouse and keyboard players who are annoying and petty because they cant hack it on a console.

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