Please Fricken Fix This Game So We Can Actually Play It Again!

  • I am not sure what made the developers take out the 40p matchmaking option, but that was the only way (the only way) that we could play cross platform, since they still haven’t added the easy AF server browser for consoles and the PC server browser has been broken since launch (it literally only finds empty servers or servers with less than 5 people, or PC-only servers). Please add something, anything, so that we can play cross platform like you advertised (and still are on your webpage). Like, it’s been a month since your last update, bros. C’mon. If you’re going to advertise cross platform, people expect to be able to play with people they know cross platform, not a bunch of the same strangers they get randomly matched with. I loved Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Put over 1,000 hours into it and hell, even dropped money on the DW DLC that I knew was going to fail, but hey, they made a quality game with CMW. This feels like they wanted to get further away from what made Chivalry 1 great: good maps, a community that can actually get together and play competitively or just hang out in their own server (we still don’t have dedicated servers for this game. C’mon), and no stupid matchmaking. Please learn from your successes of C:MW and making this game feel like a Mordhau reskin.