Chivalry Duel Tournament

  • First thread somehow was deleted if you dont see your name on the list but want to join please let me know

    Hello, since this initiatve has not been started yet I figured I would.

    Since we don’t know the skill of everyone, this first tournament bracket will be set up by your in game ranking (the total amount of kill and assists you have is what causes rank to go up)

    I would like to get this going by Friday. However if there is not enough signed up, we can postpone it a week. The good thing about a duel tournament is not everyone has to be there at the same time. We can make the tournament go as fast or take as long as we want it to.

    We will have five seperate tournaments. You can only sign up for one of the 4 class tournaments, but can also sign up for main tournament.




    BEST OF 7 DUELS (first to win 4)

    FINAL DUEL: Best of 13 series (first to win 7)

    BRACKET BY RANKING, march madness style (the only way I know how unless we want to do random draws)

    FUTURE TOURNAMENTS will be bracketed using past tournament results, only this tournament is bracketed by in game rank**


    MAIN TOURNAMENT (all classes welcome)**

    signed up:

    • NA/Goretooth Bloodhound (rank35) tournament organizer

    • NA/Smellyhobo101(r34)

    • Vq.| Able (r29)

    • Revenge_for_Porkins (r25)

    • NA/Call Spooky (r24)

    • NA/Xeekik(r24)

    • NA/SlyGoat(r23)

    • Chuckdatass(r22)

    • Maciokoki (r22)

    • Vq.|Dalanoth (r19)

    • NA/Vanguard TexRoadkill

    • porn guy|PEEPEE

    • Fragdolls | Jen

    • NA/TexRoadkill

    • Vq.| Knil

    #1 - Knight only duels**
    -Goretooth Bloodhound(R34)
    -Maciokoki (r22)

    #2 - Vanguard only duels
    -Vq.| Able (r29)

    • NA/TexRoadkill
    • Vq.|Dalanoth (r19)
    • Vq.| Knil

    **#3 - Man-at-Arms only duels

    • NA/porn guy|PEEPEE
    • NA/Xeekik (r24)

    **#4 - Archer only duels

    AT THE END, the four winners of the individual tournament will duel each other one time each (unless a tie breaker happens). The ultimate winner of that will face off in a final duel vs the winner of the MAIN tournament, as a final confirmation of skill.

    The ultimate winner will be listed below:

    Thanks and let me know if you have any suggestions.

  • NA I also will par take in the Knight Tournament.

  • Your thread was deleted because I said the name of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

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