Will there be a minimum range on weapons?

  • Will there be a minimum range on weapons? For example using a spear if you swing would the sharp edge of the spear actually be required to hit or is it going to stay the same where the handle of the spear can actually hit as well?

  • Weapons do not have the shaft/blade hit detection system you’re talking about, although it is being discussed.

  • It would substantially alter balance but it would make the game look and feel so much better.

    Also, blocking should be made more difficult up close with the long weapons and heavy, it looks really silly when you get blocked at point blank range by a 20+ pound warhammer with a tiny little shaft.

    Something definitely would need to be done in exchange, though, because the game isn’t that unbalanced the way it is.

  • Well I’m not really asking this in terms of balance as i believe its fine the way it is. I just think having that shaft/blade differentiation would really add a new dynamic to the game.

  • I hope this becomes a reality. I do not think polearms are unfair, but as they are now, they can be frustrating to play against because you are either…

    1. …getting owned by a wooden shaft. This sucks when you manage to get on the inside, are trying to duck under the weapon, or want to attempt jumping over the weapon tip. In each case, you get huge damage from a wooden stick. From a warhammer, I can understand maybe because of its sheer weight, but the shaft of a spear cutting my head off doesn’t feel right.

    2. …getting hit by attacks you cannot see. In 1st person up close in melee against a polearm, the tip of the polearm is literally behind you and can still hit you.

    I love the game. I’m going to play it regardless of minimum attack distance. But, it doesn’t change the fact that not having it creates funky, unrealistic problems. It may require rebalancing but it would be worth it in the long run.

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