2 Bugs that just started today.

  • Since playing last night, I now have 2 issues that just started today.

    1. Every so often, when switching weapons or swinging, my weapons disappear and I can not pull out a weapon. Not even my fists are visible on the screen, just the crosshair. Mouse1, Mouse2, and 1-4 all do nothing, however I can still move.

    2. Probably related to the issue above, My game will somewhat, I guess stall or spike for literally .02 of a second, and then my Mouse1, Mouse2, and 1-4 keys will not work.

    All of these problems are resolved once I die. However, one of the bugs happens every minute it seems like. I have been playing since release and havent had this problem. Why is this just starting now?

    Please help!! Game is basically unplayable.

  • Bump.

    Still having this problem……

    It seems to happen when you switch weapons too much or too fast. It bugs out. I notice it when I am trying to hit the 1 or 2 button and accidentily hit 2 numbers at the same time.

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