Confusing Windup stun mechanics.

  • Sometimes when i hit someone in the mid of them winding up their weapon they get hit and “stunned” and the attack stops and everything is good, othertimes after they get hit their attack keeps going and i get bashed in the face by a maul, any idea what factors into it? Though i would like it if w/e you get hit your windup is always canceled, preventing knight maul spammers.

  • You will always interrupt their attack if you hit them during their wind up. After the wind up time is completed, their attack will follow through no matter what. Every weapon has its own unique wind up time, and since the Maul is the slowest weapon in the game I think, that’s why you have a harder time getting used to it. Considering it also has the highest damage in the game, it can do a lot of damage with its overhead especially considering blunt weapons do bonus damage to knights/vanguards.

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