Graphics problems

  • I have been having graphics problems since the hotfix.

    The issue started that I had to play on lowest settings or else my FPS would drop sharply in the middle of combat. I installed the new drivers for my graphics card (catalyst 12.10) and every few minutes the game would freeze.

    I installed the catalyst 12.11 beta 4 update and the graphics are now fine on the highest settings but every 15 minutes on average the game will hang and then the message box will pop up saying my graphics driver has stopped but has recovered.

    Is this a known issue with AMD cards and is there something I can do to improve it?

    My computer is:
    AMD 7970HD
    i5 2500k
    12 GB ram
    Crucial SSD
    650 watt corsair

  • Developer

    Definitely some sort of driver issue, a game shouldn’t be capable of causing the driver to crash. I know some 7000-series cards had some performance issues in general that the latest drivers were supposed to alleviate. I don’t know about any issues with 12.11 Beta 4 crashing like that, though.

    Can you report the bug to AMD?

  • Developer

    I’m just going to update this by saying: I installed the 12.11 Beta 4 drivers, and am now experiencing new and exciting crashes in our development version of the game. Something’s up with them.

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