Unlocks Bugged..

  • Been unlocking weapons on each character… as of 10/24/12 when i join another server my weapons that i have previously unlocked…is now locked again. Don’t wanna be wasting time on unlocking weapons to find out later that i need to unlock them again. :x

  • This happened to me earlier as well. 150 kills worth of unlocks.

  • yup bogus… just played on another server… then jumped server to find out it’s back again. Unreal…The patch seemed like it ruined the game. Not only unlocks but history and favorites are gone… After patch all setting to video and mouse settings reset. Wth going on?

  • My unlocks have been stuck in one place since a few days after release. Patch hasn’t fixed it for me unfortunately :( I play on lots of different servers so I can’t pin it down to a particular server that’s having problems. Just seems to be all of them for me.

  • If you leave a server before the round is over, you lose your unlocks. This has happened to me one too many times without me knowing and it’s irritating.

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